Students can apply for the following scholarships and incentives. They must apply on the prescribed form on time. Scholarships can be withdrawn at any time as per instructions of the Government.

  1. University Scholarships: These are presented by the university on the basis of merit.
  2. Scholarships by the Punjab Education Board: These are presented by the Punjab Govt. on the basis of merit.
  3. National Scholarships: These are presented by the Central Govt. on the basis of merit.
  4. Scholarships for Scheduled Castes/ Tribes and Backward Classes: These presented by the Indian Government.
  5. Scholarships for Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes: These are given by the State Govt.
  6. National loan Scholarships: This loan scholarship can be given to students who score 50% or more on the basis of merit, and whose parent’s annual income is less than Rs.25,000/-. This scholarship amount is free from interest and can be paid back after three years from the date of completion of the course in installments.
  7. Book Grant for the children of political sufferers, Students belonging to Scheduled castes, Vimukt castes and low income group will be provided concession as per college/University terms for education.
  8. Post Matric Scholarship Scheme: Under this scheme of the Indian Govt. permanent residents of Punjab belonging to Scheduled Castes are permitted scholarships in any part of India for purposes of Post Matric/secondary education. Their family income from all sources must not exceed Rs.2,50,000/- (further information concerning this scheme can be obtained from the scholarship branch of the college).
  9. State Scheduled Caste Scheme: The students belonging to scheduled castes, that are permanent residence of Punjab and are studying in the colleges/institutions of Punjab, can avail of this welfare fund. Such students are given scholarship under this scheme, if the family income is less than Rs. 2,50,000/-
  10. Low income-class Scholarship: This scholarship is given to students who do not belong to Scheduled Caste and Backward section, but their parent's annual income is less than Rs. 2,50,000/-
  11. Concessions for Children of Officers/workers killed in army action: Children of army, paramilitary officers/employees who were killed or handicapped during Indo-Pak, Indo-China wars or Sri Lanka army action shall be provided the following concessions:
    1. Full fee concession
    2. Exemption from hostel expenses
    3. Book and stationery expenses
    4. Needy students shall be provided help in every way possible.

NOTE: The students who wish to apply for scholarships or concessions under the above categories must send their application to the college office within a week of college admissions and their applications must be accompanied by slips with bank account number with bank code number.

Fee can be reduced for needy students under the following:

  1. Fees of 10% students in a class can be reduced by 50% on the basis of poverty.
  2. If the elder brother or sister of a student is studying in a government college at the same station, his/her fees can be reduced by 50%. A certificate must be obtained from the principal of such an institution.
  3. Poor and needy students are provided help from Student Welfare Fund and Red Cross Fund as well. This aid is provided for a student's fees, books, clothes or medicines at the recommendation of the appointed committee.
  4. Completely Blind Students belonging to below poverty line, who join a regular degree/post/graduate degree courses in College would be allowed exemption from payment of Tuition Fee. Free Hostel Accommodation may also be provided if required by the student
This document was last modified on: 15-05-2019