Attendence/Leave/Readmission/College Leaving/ Certificates Rules



For a student to qualify for the University Exams he /she must have at least 75% attendance. As per Panjab University letter no: 2807-2917/MISC-3 dating 16-4-2002, students of Physical Education require 80% attendance in the practical classes.

NOTE: It is seen that parents complain that they have not been informed about lecture shortages or results of the house exams. Concerning this it must be noticed that such information shall be posted on only notice board/website of the college. The parents shall not been informed by post. It is responsibility of the parents/guardians to acquire information about house examination/attendance of their wards. Students who do not complete attendance criteria shall be detained.


In case of urgent work and sickness, leave must be sanctioned on the prescribed leave form and sanctioned by the tutor of the students. The signatures of the parents/guardians are essential on the leave form. In ordinary sickness leave for 5 days can be sanctioned by the tutor. For sick leave of more than 5 days, the sick leave letter must be accompanied by medical certificate from the qualified doctor. Such leave will be sanctioned by senior tutor. The students who are absent without any leave shall be fined. Leave for urgent work or sickness shall not be counted into attendance.


If a student is absent without leave continuously for 7 days from classes or 3 tutorial group classes then his or her name shall be struck off. Such students may be re-admitted within 5 days of the name being struck off by paying the admission fee again by permission of the principal only. But the students shall be given no attendance for the period their names remained struck off. If the name of a student is struck off for the second time after being re-admitted then he/she will not be admitted again. To be re-admitted for the second time the student must be accompanied by his/her parents.

This document was last modified on: 07-06-2018